ABS 2018 Program

Greetings! You may browse the ABS 2018 preliminary program below. Additional program formats will be released in July.

Please note that all contributed talk slots are 15 minutes (12 minutes for talk and 3 minutes for Q&A).


Saturday, August 4

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion Ballroom
8:15 am - 8:30 amMorning Announcements
Moderator: Jonathan Pruitt

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion Ballroom
8:30 am - 9:30 amPlenary Talk: Gordon Burghardt:Are we smart enough to know how smart the early animal behaviorists are?

  Saturday, August 4
Time2nd Floor Lounge
9:30 am - 10:00 amMorning Coffee/Snacks

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion BallroomLubar N140Lubar S151Lubar N146Lapham 103
10:00 am - 12:30 pmAllee Symposium I
Moderator: Jennifer Fewell
Animal Behavior in Historical Context: Novel Insights From Interdisciplinary Encounters Symposium I
Moderator: Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Communication 2
Moderator: Camille Desjonquères
Social Behavior 3
Moderator: Philip Stoddard
Combination Session
Moderator: Matthew A. Wund
10:00Interference, Exploitation, and Niche Partitioning: Competition Informs Conservation of Pacific Pocket Mice
R. Chock
Questions of Instinct
C. Beer
Developmental experience may contribute to female preferences for male mating signals
A. Strauss, J. Podos
Oh Neighbor, Where Art Thou? Prairie dog awareness of neighbors’ vigilance is spatially explicit.
E. Couillard, J. Hare
Linking variation in antipredator behavior to changes in gene expression in threespine stickleback fish
M. Wund, J. Keagy, M. Rodriguez, P. Mitchell, E. Thoresen, A. Bell
10:15Chemical signals communicate quality in a tropical lekking songbird
D. Whittaker, M. Kuzel, M. Burrell, H. Soini, M. Novotny, E. DuVal
The effect of subgroups on collective behavior in ungulates
B. Costelloe, B. Koger, V. Sridhar, I. Couzin
"Behavior and morphology indicate an Allen’s x Rufous Hummingbird hybrid zone in southern Oregon"
B. Myers, C. Clark, K. Burns, D. Rankin
10:30Evidence for Maternal Hormone Provisioning as an Adaptive Response to Social Density in an Insect
K. Crocker, M. Hunter
Konrad Lorenz on human degeneration and social decline: a chronic preoccupation
T. Kalikow
Come together, right now: investigating spotted hyena coordination across time and distance.
A. Gersick, F. Jensen, A. Strandburg-Peshkin, K. Lehmann, K. Holekamp
Social Information and Habitat Selection in Blue-winged and Golden-winged Warblers
S. Tyndel, M. Ward, J. Sperry
Persistence in extractive foraging: comparing humans and tufted capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus)
C. Jones, M. vanDellen, D. Fragaszy
10:45Song coordination of intruding pairs influences duetting behavior of riverside wrens
C. Templeton, N. Mann, P. Slater
Sounds Speak up About the Hidden Social Dynamics of the Mysterious Maned Wolves
L. Ferreira, L. Rocha, V. Sábato, D. Duarte, E. Neto, F. Rodrigues, R. Sousa-Lima
Effects of Mammalian Aposematic Pattern and Contrast Variation on Predator Avoidance Learning
K. Vo, T. Stankowich
11:00Long-term social relationships affect reproductive success and survival in a territorial squirrel  
E. Siracusa, S. Boutin, M. Humphries, B. Dantzer, J. Lane, D. Coltman, A. McAdam
Tinbergen’s neglected fourth question on the phylogeny of behavior  
J. Price
Mismatch in receiver responses to multimodal signals in the dwarf gecko, Cnemaspis mysoriensis
M. Kabir, R. Venkatesan, M. Thaker
Assessing the Role of Social Selection in the Evolution of a Plumage Trait in Andean Brushfinches
J. Avendaño, C. Cadena
Multiple Environmental Cues Impact Habitat Choice During Nocturnal Homing of Specialized Reef Shrimp
M. Ashur, D. Dixson
11:15Social Variables Impacting Chick-a-dee Calling in Response to Acoustic Stimuli
B. Coppinger, K. Sieving, J. Lucas, T. Freeberg
Owls, Floor Plans, and Other Tools; a Case of Feline Inappropriate Elimination and Marital Discord
Temperature Effects on Various Mating Behaviors in a Singing Insect
N. Leith, D. Jocson, K. Fowler-Finn
11:30Subdued sound sensitivity in the city: urban house finches show reduced behavioural responses to novel noises
M. Weaver, P. Hutton, K. McGraw
Ethology and Animal Behavior in Latin America  
K. Jaffe, J. Correa, Z. Tang-Martinez
Variation in How Birds Listen to Their Songs
A. Fishbein, N. Prior, S. Lawson, G. Ball, R. Dooling
Male electric fish always disregard sometimes unreliable signals
P. Stoddard, S. Sardinas, L. Lopez
Behavioral tolerance of infection and its consequences for pathogen transmission
J. Adelman, R. Ruden
11:45Explaining strength of response to playback of local vs foreign bird song in meta-analysis  
T. Parker, E. Greig, S. Nakagawa, M. Parra, A. Dalisio
The Vocal Repertoire of the Most Highly Gregarious Carnivore
K. Lehmann, K. Holekamp
Gender Bias by Undergraduates in Animal Behavior (or How I Freaked Myself Out Last Semester)
M. Hughes
12:00 Individual variation in queen personality and morphology predicts colony performance in the wild
C. Wright, E. Tibbetts, J. Pruitt
A Brief History of Parasites, Behavior, and Fickle Fashion
J. Moore
Do Grasshopper Sparrows Have a Caribbean Accent?
B. Lohr, S. A. Kaiser
Interplay of Behavioral Plasticity and Genotypic Variation: Effects on Social Groups and Selection
E. Wice, J. Saltz
Open Slot
12:15Social ontogeny of mating signals and mate preferences in insect acoustic communication
C. Desjonquères, R. Rodríguez
Open Slot

  Saturday, August 4
TimeLubar N120Sandburg Cafe (Meal Plan)Sandburg Cafe- Reserved Table
12:30 pm - 1:30 pmUndergarduate Luncheon & OrientationLunch On Your Own Education Committee Meeting
Moderator: Sue W. Margulis

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion BallroomLubar N140Lubar S151Lubar N146
1:30 pm - 3:30 pmAllee Symposium II
Moderator: Jennifer Fewell
Animal Behavior in Historical Context: Novel Insights From Interdisciplinary Encounters Symposium II
Moderator: Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Communication 3
Moderator: Bretta L. Speck
Social Evolution
Moderator: Meredith C. Miles
1:30Individual female mate preferences mask overall preference in a tropical jumping spider
L. Castilho, R. Macedo, M. Andrade
Toward an evolutionary understanding of mind: Darwin to present
M. Trestman
Male Plasticity & Distracting Environments in the Attention-Grabbing Display of a Jumping Spider
S. Echeverri, D. Zurek, N. Morehouse
Are urban song sparrows more dishonest?
Ç. Akçay, M. Beck, K. Sewall
1:45Insect Phonology: Combinatorial Signal Processing in Enchenopa Treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae)
B. Speck, S. Belo, S. Johnson, S. Seidita, C. Conley, R. Rodriguez
G. Francescoli, C. Schleich
2:00Inferring internal state from females' pre-mating behaviour in greater sage-grouse
A. Perry, K. Long, D. Harris, A. Krakauer, G. Patricelli
Group Selection and Animal Behavior: Examining the role of theory in discipline formation
M. Borrello
The Importance of Matching Visual Cues in an Intertidal Habitat
M. Suárez-Rodríguez, K. Kruesi, G. Alcaraz
A siblicidal origin for avian brood parasitism?
A. Fulmer, M. Hauber
2:15Cultural selection as a mechanism of acoustic adaptation to urban noise for songbirds
D. Moseley, G. Derryberry, J. Phillips, J. Danner, R. Danner, D. Luther, E. Derryberry
The evolution of female choice in species with male-only care
D. Muniz, G. Requena, G. Machado
2:30Choosiness as a component of life history strategies in cabbage white butterflies
S. Jaumann
Governing the Hive: Biological Individuality and Animal States in the Nineteenth Century
L. Nyhart
Testing the sensory overload hypothesis using alarm pheromones of two species of ants in the genus Camponotus
T. Johnson, L. Hanks
Priority effects, not color, determine success in poison frog male-male territorial competition
Y. Yang, C. Richards-Zawacki
2:45Does visual information influence the perception of auditory groups?
R. Taylor, K. Hunter, H. Farris, A. Cronin
Winning experience and social context reshape territorial strategy in a wild bird
M. Miles, M. Fuxjager
3:00Evolving the capacity for social guidance of vocal learning in songbirds
S. Carouso-Peck, M. Goldstein
Colloquial Science at the Intersection of Pop-Ethology and Professional Research: A History
E. Milam
Modeling the Production of Complex Calls in Túngara Frogs
N. Kime, P. Wilson, M. Ryan
The Role of Contact Calls in Restoring Group Cohesion in a Semi-free Ranging Social Ungulate
L. O'Bryan, A. Nicole, S. Nakayama, T. Dey, A. King, G. Cowlishaw, D. Rubenstein, S. Garnier
3:15Energy mediates developmental interactions between vocal, postural and locomotor behaviors in marmosets
M. Gustison, J. Borjon, D. Takahashi, A. Ghazanfar
Open Slot

  Saturday, August 4
TimeKenwood IRC 1150
2:00 pm - 6:00 pmApplied Public Day: Giving Pets the Good Life - The Science of Animal Behavior Tells Us How
Moderator: Robin Foster

  Saturday, August 4
Time2nd Floor Lounge
3:30 pm - 4:00 pmAfternoon Coffee/Snacks

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion BallroomLubar N140Lubar N146Lubar S151Lapham 103
4:00 pm - 6:00 pmAllee Symposium III
Moderator: Jennifer Fewell
Animal Behavior in Historical Context: Novel Insights From Interdisciplinary Encounters Symposium III
Moderator: Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Moderator: Cameron Jones
Communication 4
Moderator: Stephen Nowicki
Sexual Selection & Sexual Conflict 1
Moderator: Julia B. Saltz
4:00Invasive process does not produce ‘invasive syndrome’ in Xiphophorus helleri-maculatus hybrids
D. D'Amore, V. Popescu, M. Morris
How do we know the things we think we know? Paradigms, imperfect science, and lizard mating systems
A. Kamath, J. Losos
A tale of two widows: Influence of behavioral variation on an invasive and native widow
C. Jones, L. Pollack , N. DiRienzo
Note-level analysis of performance constraints in a bird song
D. Logue, B. Walton, O. Medina
Mate choice dynamics of early generation swordtail fish hybrids
D. Powell, G. Rosenthal
4:15The effects of sex, species, and territorial ownership on the behavior of two woodland salamanders.
B. Dalton, C. Lynn, A. Mathis
Eastern Bluebirds Have Complex Female Song: A New Statistical Approach to Demonstrate Equivalence 
E. Shank, T. Mathew, D. Coss, B. Lohr, K. Omland
Personality drive: broad behavioral mechanisms as a substrate for variation in mate choice 
G. Rosenthal
4:30Life with Cannibals: Evolution of Maternal Effects in Populations Varying in a Social Stressor
M. Graham, J. Baker, R. Earley, S. Foster
Bateman 1948: rise and fall of a foundational paper?
The effects of competition and the social environment on aggression
R. Kilgour, R. Norris, A. McAdam
S. Jennings, G. Nevitt, S. Ebeler
Potential alternative mating strategies in the dimorphic males of the jumping spider, Maevia inclemens
L. Lietzenmayer, Z. Burns, R. Murphy, L. Taylor
4:45How damage capacity affects the dynamics of self-assessment contests
P. Peixoto, G. Lobregat
Sexual Dimorphism and Interspecific Differences in Signal Repetition Rate in Neotropical Katydids
L. Symes, S. Martinson, H. ter Hofstede
Social Influence on Hormones and Rapid Color Change in a Neotropical Toad
K. Switzer, A. Newman, D. Mennill, S. Doucet
5:00Chemical and acoustic signals of MHC and MHC-mediated mate choice in a wild songbird
J. Slade, M. Watson, T. Kelly, E. MacDougall-Shackleto
Beyond Visibility: Exploring the Impact of Diversity and Inclusion Activism on Animal Behavior
D. Lee
How the position of muscles in relation to the weapon influence contests?
A. Palaoro, P. Peixoto
Supernormal false alarms: anti-midge swats elicit conspicuous displays in neighbor frogs via ripples
B. Leavell, V. Velez, H. Pantoja, W. Halfwerk, X. Bernal
Time and experience influence dynamics of sexual selection in D. melanogaster
J. Saltz, T. Douglas
5:15Quantifying Aggression in a Wild-Caught Drosophila pseudoobscura
E. Peterson, H. Long, T. Harvey
The low-frequency acoustic structure of mobbing calls differs across habitat types in three passerine families
A. Billings
The Persistence of Alternative Reproductive Tactics and Satellite Males: Testing Game Theoretic Predictions
N. Dochtermann, C. Garrison, S. Sakaluk
5:30UnschdeuledThe Impact of Women on the History of Animal Behavior and in the ABS
Z. Tang-Martinez
Open SlotInto the blue: Categorical vs continuous perception along a signal vs non-signal color continuum
S. Nowicki, E. Caves, P. Green, M. Zipple, S. Johnsen, S. Peters
5:45Open Slot Open SlotOpen

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion BallroomSandburg Cafe (Meal Plan)
6:00 pm - 7:00 pmPlenary Talk: Damian Elias:Complex communication in spiders: How we discovered that we don't know anything Dinner On Your Own

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUWM Gasthaus GrillChannel Lounge
7:00 pm - 8:30 pmLGBTQIA DinnerHistory Symposium Dinner Discussion (bring your own meal)
Moderator: Zuleyma Tang-Martinez

  Saturday, August 4
TimeUnion Ballroom
8:00 pm - 10:00 pmABS Film Festival