Vol. 59, No. 3 | August 2014

Call for Nominations


The Animal Behavior Society has a series of Career Awards which include the following: Distinguished Animal Behaviorist - outstanding lifetime achievement in animal behavior; Exemplar Award - major long-term contribution to animal behavior; Outstanding New Investigator - outstanding contribution by a new investigator; Quest Award - outstanding seminal contribution; Exceptional Service Award - sustained service contributions to the Animal Behavior Society; and Penny Bernstein Distinguished Teaching Award - distinguished contributions in teaching animal behavior to undergraduates.

All members of the society are encouraged to submit nominations for these awards. To aid the Selection Committee and to help codify the procedures involved, the following items must be submitted for a nomination: (1) a letter of nomination indicating the award for which the nominee is being proposed. It should provide details on the reasons the nominee should be considered for that award; (2) a curriculum vitae of the nominee; and (3) additional supporting letters from colleagues solicited by the nominator. These materials (except for the Distinguished Teaching Award; see below) should be sent to ABS Past President, Dan Rubenstein, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA, Phone: (609) 258-5698, E-mail: [email protected].

Deadline is November 30, 2014.


History of the Award: The Distinguished Teaching Award is one of the annual Animal Behavior Society career awards that recognize contributions to the field of animal behavior. Since the first recipient, Jane Brockman (1995), distinguished recipients have included among others, Gail Michener (2000), John Alcock (2007), and Bill Eberhard (2009). In 2013, the Society changed the name of the award to the Penny Bernstein Distinguished Teaching Award, in recognition of the contributions made to animal behavior education by the late Penny Bernstein.

Award Criteria: Nominees must be ABS members who are not current officers or committee chairs. They must have a sustained record of excellent teaching in the classroom or informal education setting (e.g., zoos, aquaria, museums, 4-H programs, research labs, field stations, environmental centers). They should have a reputation among peers and students for excellence in educating people about animal behavior.

Call for Nominations: Please consider nominating a colleague whose educational accomplishments you admire! It is easy to know about our colleagues’ research by reading publications; it is much more difficult to know about their teaching excellence. Please take this opportunity to recognize colleagues who have demonstrated a sustained record of highly effective and innovative teaching. Persons wishing to make a nomination should complete the nomination form included in the newsletter and submit it, along with a one-page letter providing evidence to support the nomination, and include names of at least two additional peer reviewers and two current or former students or program participants. (Names of Department chairs, directors, supervisors, or colleagues may be helpful if you are not at the same institution as the nominee). Please note that self-nomination is permitted. The Education Committee will solicit supporting materials from the nominee and the peer and student reviewers suggested by the nominator, and will review all materials received to select the awardee.

If you would like to re-nominate an individual for the award, please submit a letter indicating that you are doing so and provide any additional information you feel might be helpful. You may also provide names of additional peer or student reviewers.

Application form: Microsoft Word | PDF

Nominating letters should be submitted by November 30, 2014, to: Stan Braude, Biology Dept. Box 1137, Washington University, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130, or [email protected].

The recipient of this award receives recognition, a plaque from the Society, and the opportunity to organize an education-related event at an annual meeting.


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