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Grants & Awards

Genesis Award for the Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Presentation

First presented at the 2000 ABS Annual Meeting the Genesis Award honors the best undergraduate poster presentation at the meeting. To encourage quality presentations the following guidelines and suggestions are available for viewing. Further information, if needed, can be obtained from the chair of the Genesis Sub-committee, Sarah Humfeld, E-mail:

The deadline for 2018 applications is the last day of abstract submissions: April 1, 2018


    To judge each project.

  • Each poster presentation should be judged on its own merits.
  • Judges should identify the strengths and weaknesses to determine "the best" student poster presentation.
  • To offer encouragement and constructive criticism.
  • It is important to give student presenters encouragement and constructive criticism to students to help them develop their research and presentation skills.
  • Written comments for the student can be made on the lower half of your presentation evaluation sheet.


While judging is often a subjective process, these criteria are offered as a common starting point for judges to begin evaluating presentations. Please, evaluate each presentation using the point values for each category. Judges may add items they feel are appropriate within a category.

    Significance of the research topic (5 points):

  • Is the study an original research question?
  • Does the study add to the pool of knowledge of the subject?
  • Does the rigor match the ability of the student (high school, college freshman, senior)?

    Research methodology (10 points):

  • Did the study use the scientific method (observation, hypothesis, test, results, conclusion)?
  • Was a good experimental design used?
  • Did the student work independently from the supervising faculty or graduate student?
  • Did the student bring a new approach to solving the problem?

    Research results (10 points)

  • Was there sufficient sampling to address the question?
  • Were statistics used appropriately?
  • Do the conclusions drawn by the student agree with the data?
  • Appropriate use of graphs and/or tables illustrating the results?

    Poster presentation (15 points):

  • Does the poster contain sections necessary for a good presentation? (abstract, methods, results,conclusion, literature cited)
  • Is the study question stated clearly and completely?
  • Are materials presently in an organized and visually pleasing fashion?
  • Appropriate grammar, spelling, and English usage? (Can not exceed 5 points.)
  • Is the literature review adequate and is the literature cited complete?
  • Does the student demonstrate a mastery of the subject material?
  • Did the student improve their understanding of conducting research?
  • Does the student use good speaking skills and avoid distracting mannerisms?
  • Prospects for future studies discussed or applications of the conclusions discussed?
  • Was the presentation self-explanatory to someone with no background on the topic?