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Postdoc position in Theoretical Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology
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Posted May 15
Postdoc position in Theoretical Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology

A postdoc position funded by a NSF grant is available in Andy Sih’s lab at the University of California Davis.  The position has funding for one year, and can begin as early as August 10, 2018 though the start date is negotiable.  During that year, we will apply for further NSF funding. 

The grant is entitled, “Developing theory to understand variation in behavioral responses to human-induced rapid environmental change”.  Ongoing modeling projects in collaboration with an international modeling team (Phil Crowley, Richard McElreath, John McNamara, Sebastian Schreiber, Pete Trimmer) address variation in behavioral responses to: 1) novel organisms: exotic predators, foods and toxic foods, ecotourists; 2) habitat loss/fragmentation; 3) habitat traps; 4) climate change; and 5) multiple stressors.  Conceptual areas of interest include how responses to HIREC depend on: cognitive biases, neophobia, generalization, multiple cues, transgenerational/developmental plasticity, learning/social learning, and social dynamics and games.  Most of these issues have a parallel group working on empirical/ conceptual review papers.  The new postdoc will have opportunities to join in all work in progress and to take the lead on projects that are in relatively early stages or in developing a new relevant project.See Sih et al. 2016 Current Opinon in Behavioral Sciences 12: 109-114, and Trimmer et al. 2017 Proc B 20162108 for the basic framework and an example of our ongoing modeling. 

The postdoc must have solid expertise in behavioral/evolutionary ecology and strong, demonstrated expertise in relevant modeling methods such as: stochastic dynamic programming, signal detection theory, Bayesian decision theory, adaptive behavior under uncertainty, agent-based models, and/or models of feedbacks between behavior, population and community ecology and evolution.  To fit ongoing work, modeling should preferably be done in MATLAB, C/C++, or R.  

To apply, please send the following to Andy Sih ( (i) a summary of your research interests, skills and experiences relevant to the position; (ii) a CV including publication list; and (iii) names and contact details of two referees who can provide confidential letters of recommendation. The application deadline is May 31, 2018, but applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received.