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Pet Placement Specialist, Loudoun County Animal Services. Full-time, benefits, hiring range: $43,222-$60,511, Waterford Virginia.
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Posted Jul 2
Pet Placement Specialist, Loudoun County Animal Services. Full-time, benefits, hiring range: $43,222-$60,511, Waterford Virginia.
Loudoun County Animal Services is seeking qualified applications for a Pet Placement Specialist to play a key role in the Department’s animal behavior, enrichment, adoption and transfer programs. The Pet Placement Specialist is responsible for overseeing the Department’s behavior assessment program, performing behavior assessments on dogs, cats, and other pets to determine their suitability for placement. The incumbent of this position makes recommendations on pet placements to facilitate long term adoption successes or finding alternative solutions via foster care and transfer opportunities. This position is responsible for ensuring public safety and welfare and providing behavior counseling to adopters, as well as to owners considering relinquishment of their pets to the shelter. Other duties of this position include but are not limited to: establishing enrichment programs for shelter pets to maintain adoptability, coordinating of enrichment activities with Department staff and volunteers for implementation; monitoring the behavior of all animals in the animal shelter and in foster care and communicating their status to Department management and staff; and providing training on basic animal handling, behavior, and enrichment to Department staff and volunteers. In addition to overseeing the Department’s behavior and enrichment programs, this position will also serve as a shift supervisor. As such, the incumbent will serve as the designated supervisor for shelter operations when regular supervisors are unavailable. In this capacity, the position will oversee the work of the entire Animal Shelter division, ensuring proper disease prevention protocols are followed and determining when animals are sick/injured and in need of veterinary care, and overseeing and providing assistance to the customer service staff. The Pet Placement Specialist will work closely with Department management to ensure that issues and concerns with animal care are escalated as appropriate. The successful candidate will have experience in animal sheltering, animal care and animal behavior, to include a wide variety of companion animals. The successful candidate will be team-oriented and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making abilities and an strong commitment to organization and efficiency
Requires any combination of education and experience equivalent to a high school diploma/GED and 6 years of job related experience in animal sheltering, counseling or assessments, or directly related experience. Prefer an Associate’s degree with courses in a related field or graduation from a technical school with a minimum of 4 years directly related experience in a sheltering environment. Supervisory experience preferred. Must possess a valid driver's license.
Animal Services is a physically demanding occupation, with the potential for exposure to infectious diseases, viruses, noxious fumes and chemicals, as well as risk of injury. A rabies pre-exposure vaccination series will commence immediately upon hire unless proof of prior vaccination is provided. Must have the ability to control large and potentially dangerous animals over 100 pounds and lift animals weighing up to 75 pounds. 
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