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Postdoc position in Ant Network Modeling with Elva Robinson, University of York
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Posted Jul 10

A postdoc position funded by a collaborative NSF grant is available in Elva Robinson’s lab at the University of York (UK). The position has funding for two years, and can begin as early as September 1, 2018, although the start date is negotiable.  

The project is entitled “Dynamic ant networks: How environmental constraints and ecological context shape resource transport systems”. This international team is led by Matina Donaldson-Matasci (Harvey Mudd College, USA), Scott Powell (George Washington University, USA), and Elva Robinson (University of York, UK). The goal of the project is to develop a general theory for how environmental constraints and opportunities shape dynamic transport networks in biological systems. The project seeks to create a unifying modelling framework predicting how biological transport systems respond dynamically and adaptively to environmental pressures, balancing competing priorities such as cost, efficiency and robustness. This new model will be parameterised with existing data from Formica wood ants and newly collected data from Cephalotes turtle ants, and used to make broad testable predictions about the organisation of biological transport systems.


The successful candidate will have completed or be near completion of a PhD degree in an area of the biological, mathematical or computer sciences or related areas, and have experience of a range of quantitative research techniques and methodologies, including network analysis and modelling biological systems. The ideal candidate will have experience in studying ecology and behaviour, in particular social animal systems.

For more details on the project and to apply, please see the job advertisement here:

The application deadline is August 3, 2018.