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Member participation in survey
Posted Oct 22

Anthropogenic night light and noise pollution are globally pervasive forms of environmental pollution. They are increasingly changing ecosystems with important implications for biodiversity. Please help us understand how these sensory stimuli affect wildlife by participating in a survey designed for experts studying vertebrates. 
This survey is a crucial part of a NASA-funded project led by Boise State University, and your input will help us inform conservation decision-making by understanding how select biological traits affect vertebrate species’ vulnerability to anthropogenic night light and noise. 
Potential participants include those with backgrounds in animal behavior, animal physiology, wildlife ecology, or those with ~3 or more years of study/experience with a particular vertebrate species/genus/taxon. We are looking for a diverse range of participants from academia, governmental agencies, nonprofits, etc. studying or working with vertebrates from across the globe to complete this survey. 
We estimate the survey will take between around 15 minutes to complete. 
To participate, please follow this link:
Thank you for helping us understand how anthropogenic night light and noise affect wildlife.
For more information on this project, please see