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Field assistant needed for summer field season 2019
Field Assistants
Posted Jan 23
Field Assistants needed early/mid-May to early August for an ongoing study of the mating system of the White-throated sparrow. Research will be conducted at the Cranberry Lake Biological Station in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Field assistants will aid in mist-netting, banding, sampling blood for parentage, behavioral observations, GPS/GIS, and assisting graduate student research projects. Previous experience is desirable but not necessary; the only prerequisites are patience and persistence as well as being physically fit and capable of living in a remote biological station. Stipend includes room and board at the Field Station. Applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled.
Interested in the position?
Send CV/resume and names, phone numbers and email addresses of at least 3 references to:
Zoé Delefortrie
PhD student in Biology
Indiana State University