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Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentations

  • Talks will be strictly timed by moderators to keep the concurrent sessions synchronous.
  • Contributed Talks should be 12 minutes long. There will be 3 minutes allotted for questions & transition between speakers.
  • All talks must be PC-compatible. Conference computers are PC’s equipped with PowerPoint 2013. All presentation files must be compatible with this format. If you create your talk on a Mac, please ensure the file is portable to a PC.
  • Ensure you bring a USB back-up of your talk to your session.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you be permitted to connect your own computer to the projection system for a contributed or symposium talk.
  • All talks MUST be loaded on conference computers prior to your talk. Specified time period and location for uploading will be announced soon.
  • Speakers scheduled to speak on Thursday morning should upload their talks on Wednesday evening. Check at the registration desk for more information.
  • Please use an INFORMATIVE filename for your talk as follows:LastNameTalkDaySessionName (e.g. AndradeWedPresSymp).
  • See the conference program for session/day assignments.

Posters Presentations

  • All posters must fit within an area no larger than 42 wide X 40 high, and will be hung by push pins (provided on-site).
  • Although all posters will be up for the entire conference, there are two official evening poster sessions (‘Poster Session’ on Friday June 12th and ‘Founders Poster Session’ on Saturday, June 13th) when you should be standing at your poster to discuss your study and answer questions.
  • You may look up your session in the conference program.







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