Abstracts & Awards

Submit your work to ABS 2016

Presenter Instructions

Oral Presentations

  • Talks will be strictly timed by moderators to keep the concurrent sessions synchronous.
  • Contributed Talks should be 12 minutes long. There will be 3 minutes allotted for questions & transition between speakers.
  • All rooms will have only PC connected to the presentation system.
  • You will not be able to connect your own computer to the projection system for a contributed or symposium talk.
  • PCs will have Window 7 & MS Office 2016.
  • All presentations should be formatted for 4:3 aspect ratio. Power Point: Design -> Slide Size: Standard (4:3).
  • VLC Player is the default video player on these PCs. Apple discontinued support for QuickTime on PC. Please note, VLC will play .MOV, .MP4 and other file types associated with QT. Links to online videos that play directly in the browser/.ppt are more like to play without issue (than embedded files).
  • Please note ‘presenter view’ will not be available.
  • It is highly recommended that speakers bring their presentations on a jump drive to their sessions as back-up.
  • All talks must be uploaded using the speaker presentation upload station in Room AC286A located in the Library at least 4 hours before the scheduled presentation time.

    The speaker upload room will be open during the following hours:

    Monday, June 12: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
    Tuesday, June 13 - Thursday, June 15: 8:00AM - 6:30PM

Poster Presentations

  • All posters must fit within an area no larger than 42 inches wide X 40 inches high
  • Poster boards will be available by 2 PM on Tuesday and can be posted that day. Please place your poster on the board with the correct number leaving the board number visible.
  • There will be one official evening poster session on Wednesday June 14 (6Pm -9PM), and we ask that you stand near your poster to discuss your study and answer questions.
  • See the conference program for your assigned poster number.
  • Posters will be hung using velcro (will be provided).
Poster Printing

Attention Poster Presenters, take advantage of the on-site printing services at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Please send your poster file ahead and it will be printed and ready for pick-up when you arrive on campus. Quotes will be provided upon receipt of the poster details. Please send your poster files to billy@utsc.utoronto.ca or swelch@utsc.utoronto.ca for processing. Absolute deadline would be June 9 for delivery June 12.


On or before May 30 $3.99 per square foot
May 31- June 5 $4.99 per square foot
June 6- June 9 Contact the University for RUSH pricing