Vol. 61, No. 1 | February 2016

2016 ABS Career Awards


On this occasion, we would like to announce the recipients of the 2016 Career Awards. Plaques will be presented to these distinguished award recipients at the 2016 ABS Meeting in Columbia. In our August Newsletter we will highlight their achievements and recognize their contributions to the field of animal behavior.

Distinguished Animal Behaviorist Awards:

The Society´s most prestigious award recognizes an outstanding career in animal behavior. Dorothy Cheney, University of Pennsylvannia (pictured left) and Jane Brockmann, University of Florida (pictured right) are joint recipients of the 2016 Animal Behaviorist Award.

Exemplar Award:

This Award recognizes a major long-term contribution in animal behavior. The 2016 Exemplar Award goes to Janice Moore, Colorado State University.

Quest Award:

This award recognizes an outstanding seminal contribution in animal behavior. Jan Randall, San Francisco State University is the recipient of the 2016 Quest Award.

Penny Bernstein Distinguished Teaching Award:

This award recognizes a sustained record of excellent teaching of animal behavior in the classroom or informal education setting. The 2016 Bernstein Distinguished Teaching Award goes to Peggy Hill, University of Tulsa.

Outstanding New Investigator Award:

This award recognizes an outstanding contribution in animal behavior by a new investigator, no more than 10 years past obtaining a Ph.D. The 2016 Outstanding New Investigator Award goes to Ned Dochtermann, North Dakota State University.

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