ABS 2022

Presentations for Phoebe D. Edwards

- Poster 311
Hormones do not make the mole-rat: no steroid hormone signatures of subordinate behavioral phenotypes
Ilapreet Toor, Mariela Faykoo-Martinez, Phoebe D. Edwards, Rudy Boonstra, Melissa M. Holmes

Session: Virtual Posters - 9:00AM Fri Jul 29 - Poster Session

How social dominance is communicated in Canada’s most endangered mammal
Phoebe D. Edwards, Sasha L. Newar, Jeff Bowman, Melissa M. Holmes, Gabriela F. Mastromonaco

Session: I've Got You Under My Skin: Mating Systems and Physiological Effects - 9:30AM Thu Jul 21 - Parallel Talks