Behaviour 2019

Presentations for María J Albo

Male spiders choose to produce worthless gifts under sperm competition  
Camila Pavón-Peláez, Mauro Martínez Villar, Valentina Franco-Treccu, María J Albo

Session: How Do I Love Thee? Mating Behavior - 10:00AM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Female emancipation from male sensory exploitation and the loss of the nuptial gift in spiders
Mauro Martínez VIllar, Mariana Germil, Camila Pavón-Peláez, Ivanna H. Tomasco, Søren Toft, Trine Bilde, Maria J. Albo

Session: Poster Session 1 / Genesis Posters - 3:30PM Wed Aug 04 - Poster Session