ABS 2022

Presentations for David Herra-Miranda

The decline of the encounter rate of Endangered northeast Pacific Humpback whales in southern Costa Rica
Lili Pelayo-González, David Herra-Miranda, Juan D. Pacheco-Polanco, Héctor M. Guzman, Sierra Goodman, Lenin E. Oviedo

Session: Flexibility it's in the air: Ecological effects & Behavioral Plasticity - 4:00PM Wed Jul 20 - Parallel Talks

Are urban inshore dolphins synanthropic?: the behavior of bottlenose dolphins in an urbanized seascape
Lenin E. Oviedo-Correa, Steven D Fallas-Fernández, Addy Echevarria, David Herra-Miranda, Manuel González

Session: Virtual Talks - 9:00AM Fri Jul 29 - Parallel Talks

The behavioral ecology of inshore bottlenose dolphin in a tropical fiord in Southwestern Costa Rica
Juan Diego Pacheco-Polanco, David Herra-Miranda, Lenin Enrique Oviedo Correa

Session: Every cloud has a silver lining: Applied Behavior and Conservation - 4:00PM Wed Jul 20 - Parallel Talks