Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Louise Barrett

Sickness Behaviour, Food stress and Polyparasitism in a Gregarious Mammal
Rosemary Blersch, S.Peter Henzi, Tyler Bonnell, Louise Barrett, Christopher Young, Andre Ganswindt

Session: You Are (Not) What You Eat: Host-Parasite Interactions - 3:30PM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Diffusion Pathways and Trade-offs Between Personal and Social Information Use in Wild Vervet Monkeys
Madison A. Clarke, Christina M. Nord, Tyler R. Bonnell, Delaney K. Roth, Samantha Booth, S. P. Henzi, Louise Barrett

Session: Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn: Learning and Cognition - 6:00PM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks