ABS 2022

Presentations for Leticia Bidegaray-Batista

- Poster 147
Walk on the wild side: a journey with explorers of the tiny world
Mariana Trillo, Leticia Bidegaray-Batista, Marcelo Casacuberta, Verónica Gonnet, Macarena González, Nadia Kacevas, Paulina Pintos, Carolina Rojas-Buffet, Sabina Wlodek, Anita Aisenberg

Session: Poster Session 1 - 7:30PM Wed Jul 20 - Poster Session

Something in the wind: aerial dispersal in the South American web wolf spider Aglaoctenus lagotis
Nadia Kacevas, Leticia Bidegaray-Batista, Noelia Gobel, Macarena González

Session: Their Best Interests in Mind: Conservation and Behavior - 9:30AM Wed Jul 20 - Parallel Talks

Amazons are back: parthenogenesis in the praying mantis Brunneria subaptera from Uruguay
Mariana C. Trillo, Anita Aisenberg, Mariella E. Herberstein, Leticia Bidegaray-Batista

Session: I've Got You Under My Skin: Mating Systems and Physiological Effects - 9:30AM Thu Jul 21 - Parallel Talks

Field wanderers under the moonlight: sexual behavior and size dimorphism in a Uruguayan wolf spider
Verónica Gonnet, Leticia Bidegaray-Batista, Miguel Simó, Anita Aisenberg

Session: Sexy Time: Mating Behavior and Sexual Selection - 9:30AM Thu Jul 21 - Parallel Talks