ABS 2022

Presentations for Ross DeAngelis

Complex, but not simple, social environments produce high boldness and low aggression behavioral syndromes
Philip Queller, Yasmin Shirali, Kelly Wallace, Ross DeAngelis, Vural Yurt, Luke Reding, Molly Cummings

Session: Flexible Together: Behavioral Plasticity & Sociality - 9:30AM Sat Jul 23 - Parallel Talks

Sexual Conflict, more than complexity, leads to the development of greater social discrimination in swordtails
Molly E Cummings, Phillip Queller, Ross DeAngelis, Vural Yurt, Kelly Wallace, Kiyara Martinez, Claire Marrone, Luke Reding, Yasmin Shirali

Session: Growing Smart: Development and Cognition - 4:00PM Wed Jul 20 - Parallel Talks