ABS 2023

Presentations for Olivia Sprys-Tellner

Urbanization level and air quality can impact animal communication in an urban-adapted songbird species
Kelly Ronald, Natalia Gonzalez-Pech, Olivia Sprys-Tellner, Jacob Bergstrom, Peyton Hallemann

Session: Neuro/endocrine and physiological mechanisms 2 - 9:30AM Fri Jul 14 - Parallel Talks

- Poster 147
Animal behavior outreach: Creation of ExploreHope summer camp for examining pollution on avian communication
Kelly Ronald, Natalia Gonzalez-Pech, Jacob Bergstrom, Sarah Grimes, Olivia Sprys-Tellner, Peyton Hallemann

Session: William C. Young Poster Session - 7:30PM Wed Jul 12 - Poster Session