Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Sharon Martinson

Tradeoffs in Acoustic Signaling and Movement in Neotropical Forest Katydids
Hannah ter Hofstede, Laurel Symes, Tony Robillard, Sharon Martinson, Jiajia Dong, Ciara Kernan, Colleen Miller

Session: Senses and Signals - 6:00PM Thu Aug 05 - Parallel Talks

Machine learning for natural environments: Automated analysis of acoustic data
Laurel Symes, Shyam Madhusudhana, Sharon Martinson, Ciara Kernan, Hannah ter Hofstede

Session: Weaving the Future of Animal Behavior: Technological Advances to Reveal the Secret Lives of Animals 2 - 6:00PM Thu Aug 05 - Plenary/Symposium