Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Andy Sih

The effect of multiple stressors during development on later behavior
Amelia Munson, Andy Sih

Session: Development 1 - 2:00PM Fri Jul 26 - Parallel Talks

Split between two worlds: consistent above- and belowground social networks in a free-living mammal
Jennifer E. Smith, Denisse A. Gamboa, Julia M. Spencer, Sarah J. Travenick, Andy Sih

Session: Social Behavior 1 - 9:30AM Wed Jul 24 - Parallel Talks

Provenance mediates survival and the perception of risk in guppies exposed to turbidity
Sean M Ehlman, Amelia Munson, Andy Sih

Session: Predation & Foraging 5 - 10:45AM Sat Jul 27 - Parallel Talks

- Poster 230
Natal habitat preference induction and the habitat choices of the coyote, an urban adapter 
Emily Zepeda, Eric Payne, Andy Sih, Stanley Gehrt

Session: Poster Session - 8:00PM Fri Jul 26 - Poster Session