Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Ben Dantzer

Heritability and Cross-Context Repeatability of Food Caching in a Wild Mammal  
Andrea E. Wishart, Stan Boutin, Andrew G. McAdam, Ben Dantzer, David W. Coltman, Jeffrey E. Lane

Session: Change for Change's Sake: Behavioral Plasticity - 6:00PM Wed Aug 04 - Parallel Talks

Understanding the link between glucocorticoids and microbiome diversity in North American red squirrels
Lauren Petrullo, Tian Tian Ren, Martin Wu, Stan Boutin, Andrew McAdam, Jeffrey Lane, Ben Dantzer

Session: Inner Life: Microbiomes and Behavior - 10:00AM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Behavioral variation among fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) populations in urban and suburban environments
Amy-Charlotte Devitz, Ben Dantzer

Session: Poster Session/Genesis Posters - 3:30PM Wed Aug 04 - Poster Session

Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Individual Variation in Behavioral Phenotypes
Sarah E. Westrick, Freya van Kesteren, Stan Boutin, Jeffrey E. Lane, Andrew G. McAdam, Ben Dantzer

Session: Evolution and Behavioral Plasticity: A Symposium Honoring the Career of Susan A. Foster 1 - 10:00AM Thu Aug 05 - Plenary/Symposium