Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Jeffrey E. Lane

Heritability and Cross-Context Repeatability of Food Caching in a Wild Mammal  
Andrea E. Wishart, Stan Boutin, Andrew G. McAdam, Ben Dantzer, David W. Coltman, Jeffrey E. Lane

Session: Change for Change's Sake: Behavioral Plasticity - 6:00PM Wed Aug 04 - Parallel Talks

Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Individual Variation in Behavioral Phenotypes
Sarah E. Westrick, Freya van Kesteren, Stan Boutin, Jeffrey E. Lane, Andrew G. McAdam, Ben Dantzer

Session: Evolution and Behavioral Plasticity: A Symposium Honoring the Career of Susan A. Foster 1 - 10:00AM Thu Aug 05 - Plenary/Symposium