ABS 2022

Presentations for Anthony Dell

Untangling the effects of time and light on wolf spider foraging efficiency
Brett Seymoure, Onecia Adams, Kate Frauenheim, Katie Jones, Rachel Rhee, Arjun Sahai, Leticia Classen-Rodriguez, Stella Uiterwaal, John DeLong, Amanda Koltz, Kasey Fowler-Finn, Anthony Dell

Session: Feed Me, Seymour: Foraging Behavior - 9:30AM Sat Jul 23 - Parallel Talks

The Effect of Temperature on Fish Swimming and Schooling is Context Dependent
Maria Kuruvilla, Anthony Dell, Ashley Olson, Jason Knouft, John Grady, Jacob Forbes, Andrew Berdahl

Session: Think Twice: Predator-Prey Interactions - 4:00PM Thu Jul 21 - Parallel Talks