Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Matthew Silk

Using multilayer networks to study and the ecological and evolutionary consequences of social structure
David Fisher, Matthew Silk, Matthew Hasenjager

Session: Embracing The Complexity Of Animal Social Systems Using Multilayer Network Analysis Symposium 2 - 2:00PM Sat Jul 27 - Plenary/Symposium

The role of social behaviour in infectious disease risk varies across the lifespan in a group-living mammal
Matthew Silk, Robbie McDonald, Richard Delahay, Dave Hodgson

Session: Ecological Effects 4 - 10:45AM Thu Jul 25 - Parallel Talks

Comparing randomisation approaches and exponential random graph models in simulated animal social networks
David Fisher, Julian Evans, Matthew Silk

Session: Social Behavior 5 - 2:00PM Thu Jul 25 - Parallel Talks