Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Rosemary Strasser

Physiological and Behavioral Effects of a Therapy Session on the Therapy Dog
Kristen M. Cunningham, Zachary L. Darwish, Rosemary Strasser

Session: Applied Animal Behavior 5 - 2:00PM Sat Jul 27 - Parallel Talks

Cascading Effects of Early Life Stress: An Integrative Dog Model of Negative Behavioral Outcomes 
Samantha/ L Bissell, Lidia Boghean, David Klinkebiel, Rosemary Strasser

Session: Behavior Genetics/Genomics - 9:30AM Wed Jul 24 - Parallel Talks

Regulation of Social Facilitation by Group Composition and Mesotocin
Zachary L. Darwish, Kristen M. Cunningham, Pamela Dare, Rosemary Strasser

Session: Social Behavior 2 - 1:30PM Wed Jul 24 - Parallel Talks