ABS 2022

Presentations for Elizabeth A. Archie

Social and Environmental Influences on Baboon Offspring Survival
Maria J.A. Creighton, Elizabeth C. Lange, Jenny Tung, Elizabeth A. Archie, Jeanne Altmann, Susan C. Alberts

Session: For the love of others: Social evolution and behavior - 4:00PM Thu Jul 21 - Parallel Talks

Mating-related barriers to gene flow shape ancestry patterns along hybrid baboon genomes
Arielle S. Fogel, Tauras P. Vilgalys, Shuyu He, Elizabeth A. Archie, Susan C. Alberts, Jenny Tung

Session: Allee Symposium - 1:30PM Thu Jul 21 - Plenary/Symposium

Heritable and sex-specific variation in the development of social behavior in wild baboons
Elizabeth Lange, Madison Griffin, Arielle S. Fogel, Elizabeth A. Archie, Jenny Tung, Susan C. Alberts

Session: Virtual Talks - 9:00AM Fri Jul 29 - Parallel Talks

- Poster 229
Determining diet with DNA: Using DNA metabarcoding to characterize plants consumed by wild baboons
Gretchen Andreasen, Rispah N. Ng\'ang\'a, Mauna Dasari, Kinyua Warutere, Jeanne Altmann, Susan C. Alberts, Mercy Akinyi, Elizabeth A. Archie

Session: Poster Session 2 - 7:30PM Fri Jul 22 - Poster Session