Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Lynn Siefferman

Behavioral, physiological and morphological patterns of the tree swallow’s unusual southward range shift
Lynn Siefferman, Alexandria Albers, Kimberly Rosvall

Session: Neuro/Endocrine and Physiological Mechanisms 2 - 4:00PM Wed Jul 24 - Parallel Talks

- Poster 31
Relationship between reproductive polymorphism in the Spotted Salamander and their algal symbiont
Chloe M. Dorin, Gabriela Neufeld, Michael M. Gangloff, Lynn Siefferman

Session: Poster Session - 8:00PM Wed Jul 24 - Poster Session

- Poster 148
Mated pairs of swallows with similar personality types share nestling care evenly and achieve higher fitness
Tyler J. Pyle, Kristen R. Content, Lynn Siefferman

Session: Poster Session - 8:00PM Thu Jul 25 - Poster Session