Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Valérie AM Schoof

How Does the Context of Dispersal Influence Its Success in Male Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus)?
Simon L\'Allier, Megan A. Schwegel, Colin A. Chapman, Valérie A.M. Schoof

Session: Agonism - 9:00AM Tue Jul 28 - Parallel Talks

Temporal dynamics of sexual signaling, endocrinology, and parasites of vervet monkeys 
Karin P. Snyder, Dina Greenberg, Gabriela Mastromonaco, Valerie A.M. Schoof

Session: Neuro/Endocrine and Physiological Mechanisms 2 - 2:00PM Fri Jul 31 - Parallel Talks