ABS 2022

Presentations for Guilherme Augusto-Alves

- Poster 323
The release call of Rhinella henseli (Anura; Bufonidae)
Joelma S. Prado, Simone Dena, Camila Zornosa-Torres, Rodrigo Lingnau, Luís F. Toledo, Guilherme Augusto-Alves

Session: Virtual Posters - 9:00AM Fri Jul 29 - Poster Session

Treefrog body color traits are related with call and may transmit information about male body condition
Guilherme Augusto-Alves, Gerlinde Höbel, Luís Felipe Toledo

Session: Group chat: Communication and Social Behavior - 9:30AM Sat Jul 23 - Parallel Talks