Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Christine W. Miller

Juvenile leaf-footed bugs are attracted to conspecific feeding sites
Sam Zlotnik, Kaylin Kleckner, Christine W. Miller

Session: Feed Me, Seymour: Foraging Behavior - 6:00PM Wed Aug 04 - Parallel Talks

High-quality host plant diets partially rescue female fecundity from a poor early start
Lauren A. Cirino, Patricia J. Moore, Christine W. Miller

Session: The Story of My Life: Life History - 3:30PM Fri Aug 06 - Parallel Talks

A Trade-off Between a Survival-Related Trait and Reproduction in Narnia femorata (Hemiptera: Coreidae)
Steven M. Smit, Lauren A. Cirino, James C. Boothroyd, Sam Zlotnik, Christine W. Miller

Session: Poster Session/Founders Posters - 3:30PM Thu Aug 05 - Poster Session

Reproductive trade-offs in the Soapberry Bug Jadera haematoloma (Insecta: Hemiptera: Rhopalidae)
Amberlika Guruvadoo, Michael Forthman, Sam Zlotnik, Christine W. Miller

Session: Poster Session/Genesis Posters - 3:30PM Wed Aug 04 - Poster Session