Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Juergen Liebig

The evolution of a pheromone: From individual recognition to chemical signaling in ants
Juergen Liebig, Kevin Berthelot

Session: All Creatures Got a Place in the Choir: Animal Communication - 3:30PM Fri Aug 06 - Parallel Talks

Evolution of detection and differentiation of long-chain hydrocarbons in an ant
Christopher Albin-Brooks, Serena Noss, Robin Harris, Jocelyn Millar, Juergen Liebig

Session: Down But Not Out: Social Signals - 6:00PM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Dealation activates the helper-like phenotype in a primitively-eusocial ant gyne
Benjamin C. Pyenson, Christopher Albin-Brooks, Juergen Liebig

Session: Don't Go Changing to Try and Please Me: Behavioral Plasticity - 10:00AM Thu Aug 05 - Parallel Talks