Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Charissa de Bekker

Time-course RNASeq of ant brains reveals links between plasticity of the biological clock and polyphenism
Biplabendu Das, Charissa de Bekker

Session: Allee Symposium for Best Student Paper 3 - 6:00PM Tue Aug 03 - Plenary/Symposium

28 Minutes Later: The Role of Secreted Effectors in the Behavioral Manipulation of Zombie Ants
William C. Beckerson, Charissa de Bekker

Session: You Are (Not) What You Eat: Host-Parasite Interactions - 3:30PM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Connecting behavior with underlying host and parasite genes in ants, manipulated by a fungal parasite
Charissa de Bekker

Session: Down with the Sickness: The Behavior of Infected Animals 1 - 10:00AM Wed Aug 04 - Plenary/Symposium