Behaviour 2019

Presentations for Leticia AvilÚs

Antipredator Strategies of Spiders across a Predation Gradient as a Function of Web Architecture
Jessica C. Schmidt, Andrea M. Haberkern, Leticia AvilÚs

Session: Escaping the Enemy: Antipredator Strategies - 10:00AM Fri Aug 06 - Parallel Talks

The energetic intake of web-building spiders is determined by spider size, not web geometry.
Gabriel Greenberg-Pines, Samantha Straus, Robb Bennett, Leticia AvilÚs

Session: Making Healthy Choices: Foraging Behavior - 6:00PM Fri Aug 06 - Parallel Talks

Microhabitat Selection as a Function of Web Type and Forest Succession Stage in Spiders
Robin Glover, Jessica Schmidt, Andrea Haberkern, Robb Bennett, Leticia Aviles

Session: This Must Be the Place: Habitat Selection - 6:00PM Thu Aug 05 - Parallel Talks

Befriending the enemy: Can prey establish mutualistic interactions with their would-be predators?
Luis Camacho, Leticia Aviles

Session: Think Twice: Predator-Prey Interactions - 6:00PM Tue Aug 03 - Parallel Talks

Mind control and thieves: Social spider colonies as hosts to parasite metacommunities
Samantha Straus, Leticia Aviles, Philippe Fernandez Fournier, Ruth Sharpe

Session: Down with the Sickness: The Behavior of Infected Animals 1 - 10:00AM Wed Aug 04 - Plenary/Symposium

On resource limitation, dispersal and sociality in spiders. Or, why are social spiders not eusocial?
Leticia AvilÚs

Session: Resource Limitation: A Tie That Binds in the Evolution of Sociality? 1 - 3:30PM Fri Aug 06 - Plenary/Symposium