Behaviour 2019
A plan to reduce and eliminate aggressive behavior towards a poorly introduced cat: a case study
Mary E. Huntsberry. Helping Pets Behave, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD, United States

Conflict when introducing a new cat into the household is a common problem among cat owners. Despite well-meaning efforts by owners to provide positive experiences, interactions can become increasingly threatening and may lead to situations that don’t work out. In this case study, the problem had escalated to stalking, chasing, and biting of the new cat before the owners sought help. A plan to minimize stress and prevent practice of aggressive behavior was devised. Video was provided by the owners showing both before and after implementation of response prevention and positive training strategies. Due to the challenges and often poor prognosis associated with changing the behavior of fighting cats, applied animal behaviorists can benefit from having various strategies, like the ones presented in this case study, for treating inter-cat aggression cases.