Behaviour 2019
Animal Behavior, Science Fair, and Teacher Training: Outcomes of an ABS Education Grant
Sue Margulis. Canisius College, Buffalo, New York, United States

In 2018, I was awarded an Outreach Grant from the ABS Education Committee. The goal of the grant was to support students in conducting animal behavior-based research for Science Fair. This poster reports on the successes and failures of this effort. I organized a teacher training workshop on animal behavior in June, with observation experience taking place at the Buffalo Zoo. I recruited 19 teachers representing public, private, and charter schools. Teachers were wildly enthusiastic about the workshop. During the subsequent school year, follow-up with teachers led to the following: at least one teacher brought a class to the zoo on a behavior-focused field trip; one BOCES student conducted an observational study for her culminating project; one teacher organized a week-long intensive behavior workshop for students, two of whom plan to publish in a regional student journal. However, no students opted to conduct animal behavior research for science fair. The logistics for animal behavior-focused science fair projects may be prohibitive for many students; however the excitement of teachers suggests that incorporating animal behavior research into school curricula is a viable option.