Behaviour 2019
The Biology Scavenger Hunt: An inquiry-based method for large in-person and online college classes
Steven V. Viscido1, Katherine K. Thorington2, Stephanie T. Dance-Barnes3. 1Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC, United States; 2UNC-Pembroke, Pembroke, NC, United States; 3DePaul University, Chicago, IL, United States

To integrate inquiry-based exercises into online and lecture classes, we have employed a "scavenger hunt" activity that uses several learning modalities. The scavenger hunt consists of multiple items to be collected or generated by students to help them learn about challenging or complex course concepts, allowing students to exercise their creativity and to demonstrate their scientific literacy using open-ended submissions. We will provide data from both in-person and online courses demonstrating student outcomes, and we will describe the causes of variable student success with completing the portfolio. We will describe the several different ways we have implemented the project, and we will provide some examples of exemplary student products. We will also demonstrate how we mapped individual scavenger hunt items to the university-wide assessment rubric. Although our specific examples will come from an environmental science course, this project can easily be adapted to any science course. After attending our talk, we expect participants will have enough information to employ this high-impact practice in their own courses.