Behaviour 2019
Pet owner’s perception and behavioral assessment of dog’s and cat’s enjoyment  
Claire FORGES-LAROSE, Emira MEHINAGIC, Julien ROGUES, Christelle TOBIE. SPF-DIANA Petfood, Elven, Bretagne, France

Today, an increasing number of pet owners consider their animal as members of their family. As a consequence, they are becoming more engaged and expect more enjoyment for him. The questions to answer are: how they are sensitive to the behavioral signals sent and also qualify the enjoyement of their pet? Following a qualitative survey, 600 pet owners were questioned to select the most frequently observed behaviors for cats and dogs. The survey revealed that 16% of cited criteria for cats and 6% for dogs are declared by more than 40% of pet owners.
Then, they were proposed to participate to the in situ study and asked to observe their animal’s behaviors before, during and after the meal. The owners of 50 cats and 76 dogs assessing each 3 diets were questioned on their interpretation of the observed behaviors, scoring them on the 5-point scale from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). The study showed that the diets were differentiated trough out specific behaviors, 16 criteria for cats and 10 for dogs. Moreover, owners were able to rank their pet’s degree of satisfaction to diets meaning that we have identified behaviors showing positive or negative product perception.