ABS 2022
Application and Growth of Transferable Skills--Animal Behavior Projects in a Senior Capstone Course 
Katherine Murphy, Melissa Shyan-Norwalt. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Capstone courses are for students to show the culmination of skills gained during their academic careers. In this fully online Animal Cognition capstone, a midterm project has students apply critical thinking, written expression, understanding of research & creative processes, and information/technological literacy skills to a Small-N experiment. Students test a domesticate dog or cat on Expectancy of Reward, Foraging Strategies, & Object Permanence. Students write an APA research report. Through the lens of Bloom’s Taxonomy--In the Introduction, students demonstrate information literacy skills and an ability to Remember the concepts being studied & Understand the relation of prior literature to the current hypothesis. In the Methods & Results sections, students show understanding of research processes & an ability to Apply concepts learned. They Analyze relationships & connections within their data. In the Discussion section, students showcase their ability to think critically & Evaluate their results in regards to prior literature and theory. This animal behavior/cognition project, thus, provide the opportunity to produce transferable reasoning skills valuable across disciplines.