ABS 2022
Preliminary Investigation of Behavior Support Programs in U.S. Animal Shelters 
Carley Faughn, PhD1, Sheila Segurson, DVM, DAVCB, CDBC, CCBC2. 1Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, UT, United States; 2Maddie's Fund, Pleasanton , CA, United States

The Behavior Support Programs survey was developed to gain an overview of U.S. shelter’s behavior programming for dogs with behavioral concerns. Some of the programs asked about were whether the organizations had programs to support their community when faced with dogs with behavioral concerns, what support is provided for foster caregivers and adopters, what in-shelter behavior programming and management is supported, outcome decision making, and more.  
We know that large dogs are at higher risk for euthanasia and to save more lives we need to understand which behavioral concerns are leading to the highest number of dog euthanasia. To guide what needs to be prioritized to save more dogs, we need to understand the behavior programming that exists in shelters and rescues across the country, and how it’s being supported within communities.
The survey results show that there tends to be more in-shelter behavior support than community, foster, and post-adoption support. Even if some of these programs exist for dogs with behavioral concerns, it was frequently noted that their programming needs improvement in these areas.