ABS 2022
Behavioral Responses of Three Carp Species to Four Amino Acids: Do They Elicit Avoidance or Attraction?
Mark L. Wildhaber, Zachary D. Beaman, David Whites, Robin Calfee, Christina Mackey, Aaron DeLonay. U.S. Geological Survey, Columbia, Missouri, United States

One key area of study in the control and elimination of invasive fishes, such as carps, is how to congregate them at high densities in small areas for more efficient removal. One approach to achieve this is by introducing a chemical stimulus of food mixed with amino acids that elicits a positive behavioral response. The goal of this study is to test the avoidance/attraction response of Grass, Bighead, and Silver Carp to L-alanine, L-arginine, L-aspartic acid, and L-glutamic acid, known to elicit a physiological response based on electro-olfactory evaluations. The behavior chamber used is a clear acrylic tube to which a chemical stimulus is delivered at one end and drains at the center of its length. The chamber is isolated from external stimuli, monitored through a network-accessed video recording system, and is equipped with external LEDs along the sides and ends of the tanks for controlling light intensity and color. Multiple individuals of a species were introduced into a chamber and allowed to acclimate before a chemical stimulus was delivered. Location and movement patterns were captured on video for analysis using behavioral software.