Behaviour 2019
Introgression in New Zealand Fishing Spiders (Dolomedes)
Simon J. Connolly1, Kate Curtis2, Cor J. Vink2, Chrissie J. Painting1. 1University of Waikato, Hamilton, , New Zealand; 2Lincoln University, Chrsitchurch, , New Zealand

Monogyny is the mating system where males will only mate with one female. Spiders are used as a study group for the evolution of monogyny. In spiders, monogyny is associated with sexual cannibalism, genital damage, male-biased sex ratios, protandry and female-biased sexual size dimorphism. Whilst these factors are strongly related, their exact causal relationships with monogyny are unclear. Related to mating behaviour is introgression, the movement of genes from one species to another. Both monogyny and introgression require further study via model systems.
Dolomedes (fishing spiders) is a genus of Pisauridae represented by four species in New Zealand, including two sister species: D. aquaticus and D. minor. Evidence suggests that D. aquaticus is monogynous and D. minor is polygynous (males will mate with multiple females). Additionally, there is a one-way introgression between the two species, which is also geographically restricted. I will report on the results of field observations and crossing experiments investigating the introgression between these two species, and how the limitations upon it are maintained. Implications for their mating systems will also be discussed.