ABS 2022
Billie Groom. UPWARD Dogology, Regina, SK, Canada

Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) is a formula adhering to the principles of CBT. It is scientifically proven to address behavioral issues relating to anxiety and aggression, ones associated with the adolescent stage, and ones common among rescued and adopted dogs. CCBT establishes and applies transferable skills that change perception to change behavior. CCBT is effective with dogs over the age of six months whose behaviors are driven by preconceived thought patterns, emotions, and learned behaviors. By establishing transferable skills that change perception and provide options, dogs choose to change behavior. Although different from Conditioning methods in the application and purpose, the two work well together to address the needs of all dogs. In this talk, I will introduce myself, discuss my work/studies, explain the core concepts of CCBT, how it differs from Conditioning methods, why it is effective, and the benefits of CCBT.