Behaviour 2019
Racial Differences in Dog Breed Personality Perception 
Jill A. Villarreal, Andre Smith. Harris-Stowe State University, Saint Louis, MO, United States

Numerous dogs are living in shelters seeking homes. Perceptions of dog personality based on breed type have been shown to influence adoptability. Several studies have measured how people perceive the personality of dogs based on breed.  Unfortunately, this research area has not included minority representation and has focused on the perceptions by Caucasian females. This study expands on past research to include people that self-identify as Black or African American.  The results indicated that the rating of aggressive personality trait for six large dog breeds was higher for people who self-identify as Black or African American than people who self-identify as White or Caucasian. The difference, however, was small. This study indicates there are small but positively meaningful differences in perception of dog personality based on the person's race. This information can be used to enhance dog adoption programs to include more diversity in potential adopters.