Behaviour 2019
Nesting Behavior of a Gynandromorph Zebra Finch: Male or Female Typical Behavior
Zahra Jiwani1,2, Asma Obad1, Tucker Davis1, Megan Jones1,2, Chelsea Vaculcik1, Lainy B. Day1,2. 1Department of Biology University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, United States; 2Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Minor, University of Mississipp, Oxford, Mississippi, United States

Zebra finches (ZF) have sex differences in plumage and behavior. Females' sex chromosomes are  ZW and males are ZZ. A mosaic gynandromorph (GY) in our aviary whose eggs produced viable young, had male plumage, male-typical song, intermediate sexual-dimorphism of song nuclei, and a W chromosome in tissues examined. We recorded the nesting behavior of the GY and its male partner, and control pairs. ZF females spend more time in the nest box and more time arranging nesting material than males. Our GY, but not a control female, spent more time in the nest box. Our GY, but not a control female, arranged nesting material less than its partner. Analyses thus far are biased to pre-incubation for controls and post-incubation for the GY and include only one nesting bout per pair. Thus, we await further data before shaping a conclusion on nesting habits in this mosaic GY.