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Presentations for Leticia Aviles

Bite or Flight: Antipredator Responses as a Function of Web Architecture
Jessica Schmidt, Alice Zhou, Andrea Haberkern, Luis Camacho, Leticia Aviles
Session: Ecological Effects 1 - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)

Treehopper maternal care and ant mutualism reveal macroecological patterns in predation
Luis Camacho, Leticia Aviles
Session: Ecological Effects 3 - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)

Genomic signatures of the convergent evolution of sociality in spiders
Chao Tong, Leticia Avilés, Linda Rayor, Alexander Mikheyev, Timothy Linksvayer
Session: Genetics & Evolution - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)

Economies of scale shape energetics of group living spiders
Samantha Straus, Angélica González, Leticia Avilés
Session: Social Behavior 5 - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)