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Presentations for Susan Alberts

Rank and environment predict age-related changes in the gut microbiome of wild baboons (Papio cynocephalus)
Mauna Dasari, Jack Gilbert, Luis Barreiro, Jeanne Altmann, Susan Alberts, Ran Blekhman, Jenny Tung, Elizabeth Archie
Session: Ecological Effects 3 - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)

Social status and social integration predict immune gene expression in wild female baboons
Jordan Anderson, Amanda Lea, Mercy Akinyi, Fernando Campos, Susan Alberts, Elizabeth Archie, Jenny Tung
Session: Social Behavior 4 - Parallel Talks (On-Demand)

Rainfall and Puberty Status Predict Energy Balance in Amboseli Baboons
Georgia K Young, Laurence Gesquiere, Susan Alberts
Session: On-Demand Lightning Talks: Ecological effects - Lightning Talks (On-Demand)