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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Applied Animal Behavior

The field of Applied Animal Behavior specializes in the behavior of companion animals, the behavior of farm, zoo and laboratory animals and studies of the behavior of wild animals when these studies are relevant from an applied perspective, as well as methodological studies.

Field Research

Applying Animal Behavior in Conservation Management: An understanding of animal behavior can help conserve wild animal populations. Broadly the applications of animal behavior in conservation can fall into one of three categories.

1) Animal behavior can serve as an indicator of the status, population viability or activity of a given wild species.

2) Animal behavior can be used to explain the mechanism underlying increases or decreases in species' populations in light of human-induced changes to the environment.

3) Animal behavior can be used a tool to aid the recovery of threatened or endangered species or their habitats. From using bird song to survey population numbers to promoting breeding in conservation facilities, animal behavior can help in many contexts. As a sub-field of applied animal behavior, conservation behavior is an area of growing and active research.