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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Applied Animal Behavior

The field of Applied Animal Behavior specializes in the behavior of companion animals, the behavior of farm, zoo and laboratory animals and studies of the behavior of wild animals when these studies are relevant from an applied perspective, as well as methodological studies.


The Animal Behavior Society (ABS) is proud to be a source of information about animals and their behavior. The ABS, however, does not endorse any products or services and assumes no liability whatsoever for the use or content of any product or service contained at this web site.

    American Dog Trainers Network
    A resource site that is dedicated to: "Promoting humane education, responsible pet care, and positive motivational dog training"
    Applied Animal Behaviour Science
    An International Scientific Journal reporting on the application of ethology to animals used by man - (
    Association of Professional Dog Trainers
    The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education.
    Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
    Questions about your companion animal? Would like to know more about the Certified Animal Behaviorist Certification program from CAAB members? Visit the companion website created by several Certified Animal Behaviorist members (CAAB). Created and maintained by – Peter Borchelt, Dan Estep, Suzanne Hetts and Nancy Williams.
    MA Program in Animal Behavior and Conservation: Hunter College, New York City
    The 36-credit program (at Hunter College, New York City) prepares students interested in animal behavior and conservation (ABC) to develop and enhance their research skills and understanding of the behavior of animals, and to acquire credentials for employment in fields related to ABC. This free-standing Master of Arts Program replaces the previous concentration in ABC within the Psychology MA program with no changes in requirements.
    Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
    Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science (JAAWS) publishes articles on methods of experimentation, husbandry, and care that demonstrably enhance the welfare of nonhuman animals in various settings. For administrative purposes, manuscripts are categorized into the following four content areas: welfare issues arising in laboratory, farm, companion animal, and wildlife/zoo settings. Manuscripts of up to 7,000 words are accepted that present new empirical data or a reevaluation of available data, conceptual or theoretical analysis, or demonstrations relating to some issue of animal welfare science. JAAWS also publishes brief research reports of up to 3,500 words that consist of (1) pilot studies, (2) descriptions of innovative practices, (3) studies of interest to a particular region, or (4) studies done by scholars who are new to the field or new to academic publishing. In addition, JAAWS publishes book reviews and literature reviews by invitation only.
    Applied Ethology is a web page dedicated to the study of animal behaviour. We are particularly interested in the behaviour of domestic animals or animals kept in captivity. Our intention is to bring together a diverse set of resources which students and scientists in our field will find useful, and which may also be of interest to anybody who wants to learn a little bit about animal behaviour. We have provided some original information and also links to other material of related interest which already exists on the Web.
    Center to Study Human-Animal Relationships and Environments. CENSHARE serves as an umbrella organization for numerous private and public agencies, including political bodies, humane societies, veterinarians, professional animal breeders and trainers, farm groups, pet related industries, and animal welfare and rights organizations. CENSHARE provides a neutral environment for these diverse interests, promoting dialogue, supporting research, offering educational and community programs, and recommending appropriate public policies. Housed at the University of Minnesota on the Minneapolis campus, CENSHARE draws on the community and the University for its ideas and support.
    Delta Society
    Celebrating Companion Animals - and the Ways They Enrich Our Lives Delta Society is the leading international resource for the human-animal bond. Delta Society has been the force to validate the important role of animals for people's health and well-being by promoting the results of research to the media and health and human services organizations.