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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Animal Behavior & Conservation

The Animal Behavior Society's Conservation Committee was formed to assist society members who want to apply their professional skills to solve conservation problems. Animal behaviorists approach the study of behavior from at least four different angles (mechanisms, development, adaptive function, evolutionary history), each of which may provide insight to managing effectively a species or population.

Conservation Funding Sources

Conservation Funding Sources - updated November 2020

The organizations in this list would consider funding proposals from behavior/conservation biologists if those proposals matched their application guidelines.

Organization Deadline (May Change Yearly)
Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States 6-Jan
Crowder-Messersmith Conservation fund
American Bird Conservancy 30-Sep
William Belton Conservation Grants Fund
American Museum of Natural History
Frank M. Chapman Memorial Grants 15-Nov
Lerner-Gray Grants for Marine Research 14-Mar
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Grants 16-Feb
Fellowships 15-Nov
American Ornithologists' Union: TBA
Research awards  
Student Awards  
Student Presentation Awards
Marcia Brady Tucker Travel Awards
American Society of Mammalogists Various
Grants-in-aid 1-Mar
Albert R. and Alma Shadle Fellowship  1-May
American Society of Mammalogists Fellowship 1-May
American Society of Primatologists Various
Conservation award (restricted locations) 15-March
Conservation small grants Dates Below

On-line grant submission begins January 1, 2021


Application deadline: January 31, 2021

Letters of Recommendation due date: February 7, 2021
American Wildlife Conservation Foundation 1-Aug
Animal Behavior Society 22-Jan
Student Research Grants
E.O. Wilson Conservation Award
Cetacean Behavior and Conservation Award
Association of Field Ornithologists: 15-Feb
Bergstrom Memorial Awards
Bat Conservation International: Various
Student Research Scholarships
Global Grassroots
North American Bat Conservation Fund
Birds Australia 31-Mar
Stuart Leslie Bird Research Award
BP Conservation Leadership Programme 23-Nov
Future Conservationist Award
Bird Studies Canada: James L. Baillie Memorial Fund for Bird Research and Preservation
Regular grants 15-Dec
Small grants 15-Jan
Student research award 15-Feb
Canon National Parks Service Science Scholars Program (fellowships for doctoral students) TBA
Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindburgh Foundation TBA
Chelonian Research Foundation
Turtle Conservation Fund-focus on tortoises and freshwater turtles June 1 and December 1
Colorado Field Ornithologists 18-Dec
Project Fund
Cooper Ornithological Society Various
Mewaldt-King student research award 15-Jan
 Joseph Grinnell student research award 23-Mar
Conchologists of America 28-Feb
Research Grants
Crustacean Society 31-March
The Crustacean Society Fellowship in Graduate Studies
Earthwatch Institute 18 months before research begins
Entomological Society of Canada
Student research awards 1-March
Entomological Foundation Various
Variety of professional and student grants and awards
EPA Fellowships 28-Nov
Explorer's Club: Exploration Fund 4-Dee
Florida Ornithological Society: Various
Research Awards 15-Feb
Education Awards 1-Sept
Florida Sea Turtle Grants progam 13-Nov
Grants for Sea turtle research, education, and conservation
Georgia Ornithological Society 1-Dec
Bill Terrell Graduate Research Grant
International Primatological Society 1-Mar
Conservation, Research and Captive-Care Grants 
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
Pablo Canevari Award (restricted to Latin American applicants) 31-Oct
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation various
several programs
National Geographic Society 8 months prior to field dates
Nature Conservancy: David T. Smith Conservation Research  2-Oct
Fellowship program (post-doctoral awards)
Neotropical Bird Club Conservation Awards 1-Jan and 1-July (twice yearly)
Small to medium grants for conservation research
North American Benthological Society 17-Feb
General Endowment Fund
The Simpson Fund: To support research in applied issues 
Boesel  Sanderson Fund: research on the natural history of organisms 
The Americas Fund: travel for Latin American students
The Petersen Fund. 
Student Conservation Award 
North American Native Fishes Fund 20-Jan
Conservation grants
Pacific Seabird Group No fixed deadlines
Conservation Small-Grants Program
PADI foundation 15-Jan
aquatic research, including conservation
People's Trust for Endangered Species TBA
Grants for research and conservation
Pittsburgh Zoo Conservation Fund TBA
Grants for conservation projects
Primate Conservation, Inc. 1-Feb and 20-Sept
Grants for graduate students
Purple Martin Conservation Association 15-Feb
Research and Conservation Grants
Raptor Research Foundation 30-Jun
several grants for raptor conservation research
Roger William's Park Zoo 1-Jun
Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund
Rocky Mountain National Park & Rocky Mountain Nature Association 1-Feb
Graduate research fellowship
Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation none given
 Small grants for conservation
Seaworld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund 30-Nov and 30-April
   -   project grants
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society 15-March and 15-Oct
Grants-in-Aid of Research
Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute TBA
Sigurd T. Olson Common Loon Research Award
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology: 20-Oct
Grants in Aid of Research Program
Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles 15-Dec
Grants in Herpetology
Society of Canadian Ornithologists 2-March
Student research awards
Waterbird Society 1-Feb
 Kushlan Research Award (focus on wading birds)
Webster Groves Nature Study Society 17-Feb
The Mickey Scudder Scholarship in Field Biology (students from the St. Louis area)
The Menke Scholarship for Wildlife Habitat (restricted to students at Missouri    Universities)
Western Bird Banding Association 
small grants for projects using banded birds 3-Sep
Western Society of Malacologists 1-March
Student research grants
Wilburforce Foundation various
research grants (priority for projects in western North America)
Wilson Ornithological Society 1-Dec
Student Research Awards
Xerces Society Early Jan
Joan Mosenthal Dewind Award: student grant for Lepidoptera work
Other Lists of Grant Sources That Might Fund Conservation Behavior Research
Herpetology Research Funding various
The Center for North American Herpetology various