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Animal Behavior Society
Animal Behavior Society

Working towards a better understanding of animal behavior

Animal Behavior & Conservation

The Animal Behavior Society's Conservation Committee was formed to assist society members who want to apply their professional skills to solve conservation problems. Animal behaviorists approach the study of behavior from at least four different angles (mechanisms, development, adaptive function, evolutionary history), each of which may provide insight to managing effectively a species or population.


ABS Conservation Workshops

Every other year, the Animal Behavior Society Conservation Committee holds a one-day workshop the day before talks begin at the annual ABS conference. These workshops are aimed at applying behavioral theory and research to solving real-world conservation problems. For the 2013, 2015, and 2017 workshops, we invited 3-4 speakers who presented diverse conservation problems for which a behavioral approach was likely to facilitate solutions. These topics included conflict with bears and coyotes in urban areas, conflict with birds at airports, recreation effects on ungulates and insects, and human disturbance on walruses.

In 2019, we focused on one topic - Implications of Solar Power on Wildlife Conservation - and brought in several speakers to address this topic from varying perspectives. In preparation for the workshop we created videos covering the fundamentals of conservation behavior, which you can find below, in order to prepare participants and provide a resource for anyone interested in the topic. We published the results of our 2019 workshop in the article “Evaluating potential effects of solar power facilities on wildlife from an animal behavior perspective”.

Richard Buchholz
What Is Conservation Behavior?

Bruce Schulte
How Do You Do Conservation Behavior

Misty McPhee
How To Make Connections With Conservation Practitioners
Subtopic: Whooping Crane Case Study

William Sutherland
Conservation Evidence

Bradley Blackwell
Behavioral Research To Migrate Avian Mortality At Solar Energy Facilities